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Full Groom

At Tamed Tails Dog/Cat  Grooming, I treat your dog/cat as I would my own.


I take the time with each individual dog/cat to make sure they feel safe and reassured during their grooms.


I use 100% natural, paraben-free shampoo, ensuring the best quality of care for your dog's/cat's skin and the highest quality equipment on the market to ensure that your dog/cat is well-presented, happy and healthy.


Lets tame those Tails! There are many breeds of dog/cat with fur that often are more prone to having a matted coat. A mucky pet who enjoys their time spent in a puddle can result in the matts tightening (whoopsy!). Don't worry, I am here to help! 

Where possible I use equipment and supplies to break the matt but this may cause distress and pain to your pup and clipping the coat may be the kindest option. The coat will grow back so don't worry!

Regular brushing and combing between grooms will help keep you and your pet happy and will also help prevent any further matting. 

Nail Clipping

Nail clipping is included in every appointment however I offer stand-alone nail clip appointments. 

Nail clipping is important as overgrown nails can affect the joints in dogs/cats, causing limping and pain to the dog/cat. Also, overgrown nails can curve into their pads, which can lead to infection.

On average, dogs/cats should have their nails clipped every eight weeks, keeping them short and  comfortable.

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