Our Services

The Works!

At Tamed Tails Dog Grooming we treat your Pet as we would our own and we take the time with each indiviual pup to make sure they feel safe and reassured during their grooms.

When it comes to bath time we use only 100% natural and paraben free shampoo to ensure the best quality of care for your dogs skin, when brushing, drying and styling we use the highest quality equipment on the market to ensure that your pet is styled, happy and healthy.


Lets tame those Tails! There are many breeds of dog with fur that often are more prone to having a matted coat. A mucky pup who enjoys his time spent in a puddle can result in the matt's tightening (whoopsy!) But don't worry, we are here to help! Where possible we use equipment and supplies to break the matt  but this may cause distress and pain to your pup and clipping the coat may be the kindest option. The coat will grow back so dont worry!
Regular brushing and combing between groom visits will help keep you and your pup happy and will also help prevent any further matts! As you can see with handsome little Juke here, his mum is very good with the comb!

Puppy Introduction

It's a big wide world out there for a puppy and everything is very new! Grooming from an early age is the best way to ensure that your puppy see's the groomers as a positive experience and not as a punishment! We aim to make the introduction to grooming as positive and happy as we can with plenty of cuddles, patience and play to help your little one adapt. Puppy familiarization can start from 12 weeks and will set the bar for how your puppy responds to future in house mobile grooming sessions. Harvey here is so used to grooming that he falls asleep on my table!

A Spa Day!

We ALL love to be pampered! And your beloved best friend is no exception!

We offer a SPA blueberry facial cleaner which will clean and soothes the skin, it has a natural exfoliating activity and gently hydrates without hydrating the eyes, a hydrating butter treatment and a pet therapy balm to heal and moisturize their noses and paws and the perfect finishing touch of our luxury tranquil lavender pet cologne, it not only leaves your fluffy friend smelling fantastic but also to give them the advantages that come with lavender.

Bows! Bows! Bows!

Whatever the occasion, it is always nice to look our best! That's why I love making your very own bespoke bows for your pooches! All of our bows are completely hand made and whether it be Christmas or Easter, you will always be the most adorable dog in the room!