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🐶✂️The Grooming Process✂️🐶

🌟 For a new client, choosing a dog groomer can be really tough! 🐶 That's why I've attached a little step by step guide of what happens during the grooming process, the photos taken by of one of my wonderful clients with her little Bichon, Bella! 🚿 First we bath your pooch! Let's try and get that fur a nice pearly white or a really shiny brown/black!

💨 Next we need to dry! With curly coated breeds like Bella it's very important to dry the fur straight!

🐕 Now we brush! Make sure there are no knots or matts in your pup's fur!

💅 Then we trim the nails! For Bella, due to her giving me constant kisses I did need to put her in a calming cradle, this is usually slightly higher up to keep your pooches calm and to make sure I don't cut the quick!

✂️ Then we groom and style! Grooming requires a good eye and a patient temperament! We don't like to rush and we want to make sure you and your pooch are both happy with the final outcome.

🌺 Finally a spritz of cologne! This isn't needed but it's always lovely to have your little ones smelling lovely when they are giving you cuddles after!

⭐ I hope you've found this helpful and if you have any more questions about the grooming process then please let me know and I will do my best to give you my and all advice you need :)

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