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Getting your pooch ready for grooming is absolutely crucial in the early stages of their lives 🐶 as a young pooch they learn rapidly what they like and do not like and it is incredibly important to get them used to grooming as soon as possible.

So! In order to assist any new pet owner I have written some steps to help aid you the best I can :)

The first steps

When first bringing your puppy into the home, they will not typically be used to being handled which is something you need to work on first. Start by giving them a treat, holding your pooch and touching/holding the paws, pups respond well to positive behaviour and will associate it with treats, praise and rewarding behaviour.


No one likes a smelly pooch and it's important to keep your little ones clean! 🐾

Some dogs will enjoy bath time and others will dislike it to start, it's all about being patient and taking your time.

Give your pooch a treat beforehand and place him in the bath. To introduce him to it, put him in the bath whilst it's empty and let him mooch around and explore. Once they are used to it you can start by giving them a gentle bath with a jug. Paw naturel provide a really nice shampoo that is kind to use on puppys ( simply put a small amount of shampoo in a large bottle and fill the rest with warm water, slowly pour onto your dogs coat and make sure to get the paws! Once you've given a good scrub you can then rinse 🚿


Brushing is absolutely crucial to avoid matting and it's important to keep on top of it as much as you can.

Before brushing your puppy, let him sniff the brush first. Give him a couple of small treats, then gently brush him a few times. Increase the number of times you brush during each grooming session until he’s comfortable being thoroughly brushed.

The most important part in every dogs grooming life is that we stay patient and positive 🙂

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🌟 For a new client, choosing a dog groomer can be really tough! 🐶 That's why I've attached a little step by step guide of what happens during the grooming process, the photos taken by of one of my wonderful clients with her little Bichon, Bella! 🚿 First we bath your pooch! Let's try and get that fur a nice pearly white or a really shiny brown/black!

💨 Next we need to dry! With curly coated breeds like Bella it's very important to dry the fur straight!

🐕 Now we brush! Make sure there are no knots or matts in your pup's fur!

💅 Then we trim the nails! For Bella, due to her giving me constant kisses I did need to put her in a calming cradle, this is usually slightly higher up to keep your pooches calm and to make sure I don't cut the quick!

✂️ Then we groom and style! Grooming requires a good eye and a patient temperament! We don't like to rush and we want to make sure you and your pooch are both happy with the final outcome.

🌺 Finally a spritz of cologne! This isn't needed but it's always lovely to have your little ones smelling lovely when they are giving you cuddles after!

⭐ I hope you've found this helpful and if you have any more questions about the grooming process then please let me know and I will do my best to give you my and all advice you need :)

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We are often asked about whether to shave dog's fur in the summer to keep them cool, and the answer is...NO! ☀️

As you can see below, dogs fur naturally sheds the right amount in hot weather and will protect them from the sun and keep them cool. 😎

Fur is clever! If you shave your dog you are actually stopping it naturally regulating it's body temperature and exposing it to sunburn, insect bites and potential skin issues. 🦟🐜🐝🐞🕷️🦋🦗🐌🐛

As the thermometer rises, your dog typically goes through a seasonal coat change, meaning he thins out his thicker winter coat for a thinner summer fashion. This thinner hair helps keep him cooler by providing insulation to keep the heat away from his body. As he walks his hair floats up, allowing cooler air to pass over his skin. It also acts as a natural sunscreen! 🌅

We recommend keeping them cool in other ways, such as keeping them in the shade, having a plentiful water supply to drink, perhaps a paddling pool to use, walks in early morning or evening and not taking them in hot cars. 💦🌊🚿

I hope you all found this useful ☺️

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